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The safest d2r hack you wish you knew about

With complete map reveal showing you where each exit, entry, and waypoint is, we’ve also incorporated auto teleport to the direction of each as a hotkey. We are very proud to announce the release of this software, which is packed with many features such as showing special chests on the in-game minimap as well as the enemies nearby & their immune types, as well as shrines, so you will be surprised by this software and all the extra features it has to offer and is constantly being updated.

With built-in chicken choices, you may adjust your auto-leave game setting so that it exits when you hit a specified health percentage, generally 15%. Even as low as 5% would suffice, but for dedicated gamers, you should usually avoid going below 35%. This does not use the game menu to exit the game; instead, it skips it entirely, returning you to the lobby in an instant; our developer did an excellent job on this.

The built-in pick it is also extremely rapid, with teleport to item grab allowing you to take objects in a fraction of a second.

To enable the teleport item grab (tele pickit), create a new config called itemgrab.

Ini, you must ensure that the object is placed correctly or it may break. Itemgrab as an example. ini configuration:

rin=1 // Ring
amu=1 // Amulet
jew=1 // Jewel
uap=1 // Shako
r01=0 // El
r02=1 // Eld

We can see from this configuration that if is changed to 0, El runes will not be picked up. 
To re-enable, return to at any moment. 
Item codes may be found on websites such as diablo.antikrist.org/item-codes/. 
For individuals who do not wish to put up their own pickit filter, we will give pickit list of over 300 helpful things. 
There are no white objects that may be added to the telepickit item grab list.
Another extremely important feature is the built-in auto-drink potion, which will drink potions depending on predetermined for mana and health, similar to chicken, and will auto-drink your potions even if they are in your inventory! 
This is really helpful since it will go through your potions in the belt as well as your inventory without having to access the inventory or interrupt your gameplay. 
We’re continually introducing new features.

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