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#1 SAFE D2R Bots & D2R Hacks

No more bans with the premium mmo botting community also providing you with the safest methods for botting online D2R, always updated within 24-72 hours of new patches to ensure safety.

Questing done for you Act 1 - Act 5 (Coming Soon)

We've got the tools you seek & the guides to keep your accounts from getting bans while farming bosses at record speeds, such as Mephisto or Andariel before a loading screen is finished.

Advanced AI Combat Methods

Paladin, Sorceress, Assassin, Amazon, Barb & more classes to be added. No enigma required, you can find combat methods such as the mephisto moat trick, kiting, & even tele stomp with mercenary against immunes.

Limited Lifetime D2R Bot Keys & the only safe D2R Maphack

From the developer with proven record for the safest maphack with 0 bans. Get access to these D2r Bots & D2r Hacks with the Lifetime Bundle which includes: Jieguan Take Over bot lifetime & Zhipei Dominate Tool Lifetime along with a JieGuan Config Editor Key at no extra cost.  9-17 Update: This deal may be expired but maybe you can get a lifetime maphack key!

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Updated & Undetected

D2R Jieguan Take Over Bot

Tested & Proven Security

Warden security tripwire in place

Skips NPC interaction hides attack spells & teleport animations by packet method to making this d2r bot fastest.

Auto relog with scheduler, set character name for D2R.

Updated within a day of patches and tested thoroughly.

Smart combat such as Moat trick included for mephisto, kiting & telestomp with mercenary.​

JieGuan The Take Over Fastest D2R Bot

Revives mercenary & telestomp.

D2R Bot API Access Coming Soon.

Auto stash items with customizable pickit with loot log.

Auto identify items & Gambling with vendor to increase chance of finding Soj's!

Auto crafting with cube and of course Auto repair.

Skip enemies based on type or immune and custom spell choice on enemy type

30+ Bosses & Dungeons

Act 1 - Act 5 Bosses.

Choose uniques and champions.

Public or Solo games with announce item feature.

Clear all path to boss choices for all acts.

Clear acts via questing making it a leveling bot - coming soon.

Baal & Diablo chaos runs make farming in record speeds and even faster in a group with open town portal function.

Chicken, PickIt, Auto Heal you & your mercenary - thanks!

Fast item picking with full customisation

Auto chicken based on health and mana thresholds

Auto healing

Advanced packet casting navigates even during loading screens

Easy D2R Bot Config

Easy access bot configurator

Hands free automation with multi session launcher - coming soon

24/7 Live Chat

Always up to date

Compatible with all Windows OS

Featured on Premium MMO Botting Forum

Premium Quality

Runs in the background

Pause the bot to take control over your game at any time

Optimized to run fast and efficient

Easy to use

Auto breaks & Discord notifications on item find with the bonus mod

D2R Bots Videos & Tutorials
D2R Hacks Quick Setup

From the developer of  Zhipei “Dominate” the safest hack suite & only maphack for Online play that won’t get you banned, the JieGuan Take Over Bot will make the cost back in a week, free tip that many don’t know about: Simply grab Emilio A2 Mercenary for a boost in drops. 

visual d2r bot interface


Now you dont have to code

Avoid coding, now just select with the given options. You'll now see the options for your selected class, with all classes being added you can make a class config file in under a minute with the ability to save your class configuration files after you've chosen your settings, making setup very easy and never missing an update with our auto update feature.

D2r Bot config setup

Select paths to clear and bosses to hunt

Select areas you want to clear by each act and location so you can distinguish each farming path without having to write area id's in config file. No more editing config files via notepad. You can still choose to customize further in notepad if you like.

setup your D2r Bots with no experience

Just select the settings no code setup

Make farming chests now easier than before without having to edit any code or input area id's or your spell id's for your class support. you will find it very easy to setup your d2r bot config file so that you are not discouraged from accurately setting your character to farm exactly what you want. With upcoming multi launcher also being released soon you will have an easy time with setup and maintaining each character setup. Import and export as needed.

d2r bots customize item choices and inventory

Choose gambling settings in a click

Human like botting in diablo 2 resurrected makes this simple to run and acquire items via gambling with the excess gold you will be making each game. It is highly recommended to use this feature that most did not want to set up due to having to set item id's, we took the work out of setting it up and made it a click away. Customizing your gambling in game options is now essential to avoid being overstocked with gold.

Diablo 2 resurrected chest mania

Farming D2R chests

You don't have to look for the code for each chest anymore, we've it for you. Just select the chest you want to farm and the Jieguan Take Over Bot will do the rest.

D2R Questing all act clearing at record speeds

Level with ease in D2R

Specify the options you want to choose, it doesn't get easier than this for botting in d2r we also supply you with the scheduler for timed relog. Soon to be added is a customized loot log to marketplace poster.

JieGuan: Take Over D2R Bot runs in the background while grushing

Let's cut to the chase, our hack is remaining undetected, our bot plays faster than a person, you want a bot that will actually make you a turn around on using it the first week come join us. If you are going to bot with jieguan, acknowledge the behavior of it and only use bot on a botting character. Utilize the scheduler it is suggested to take a break with the scheduler during a certain time period to avoid bans. Please scrutinize the time period that is mentioned & what level you're at. For AFK Botting JieGuan the Take Over Bot will get you the results that matter when needing a 24/7 Real Money Trade ready bot with the ability to synchronize your loot log to marketplaces that helps you earn real money for your items from a secure escrow trading platform. Botting in public games with ability to announce items, it is sometimes best to bot in plain sight to avoid being flagged from hiding in solo servers. We offer a botting experience that is on average 5x faster than any other bots capabilities, making your 1 character efficient as 5 when put up against other d2r bot options.

ZhiPei Dominate the only safe d2r maphack

D2R Just got even more fun

Assisting you more than just with a map

Auto healing, chicken, item grab tele pick it, and much more puts this tool at amongst the most favored. And it is the safest still no bans of zhipei usage tested daily on a sandboxed environment to ensure accurate test results while also monitoring changes in warden.


Auto tele on top of an item to grab it before it drops.

With a teleport to item pickit that is fast as teleporting from a screen over to pick an item as it drops the ground in a split second, you will find this to be the most useful of tools in this d2r tools suite. Dominate lets you customize your pickit settings with item codes. Feelng creative? Utilize Zhipei to reduce downtime.


blackmod for d2r bots

-Instant wp traveling
-Super fast create game
-Instant leave to main menu
-Added color to resistance
-Added in hp/mp v2
Lower memory usage makes running multiple sessions of Diablo 2 Resurrected easy

D2r Bots & automation tools

D2R Bot Take Over Logo

Diablo II Resurrected Bot

Jieguan Take Over Bot

Zhipei d2r bots logo

Diablo II Resurrected Maphack Tool

Zhipei Dominate D2r Hack

Stay awhile and listen

The general public can use a few distinct kinds of bots. The most prevalent kind of bot is a pixel-based one that plays Diablo 2 Resurrected exactly like a human player would, using the keyboard and swiping the screen to interact with various items.

Our software has no need to set your keybindings for your spells. Naturally, our JieGuan “Take Over” bot carried out its intended function.

Since the game technically loads during the loading screen, you can be PK’d by other players while loading to a waypoint, but the bot can read the game memory and navigate immediately, he can cast spells without you having to set a keybind, use potions without you having to open the inventory or match them in your belt, and navigate during the loading screen.

User security is of utmost importance to us, and our software’s ability to be used without being blocked sets us apart from other bots.

Zhipei is the Dominate in english tool that assures you are not having to waste time with finding your way around dungeons, with the ability to auto travel bosses, auto tele pickit item grab, along with auto healing character and mercenary. It makes manual play a breeze and more enjoyable. You can even use the lines to know exactly where to navigate, along with being able to packet cast a portal with a set hotkey that is not required to have to switch hotkeys in your spell load out.

Jieguan otherwise known as Take Over is the d2r bot that outdoes any bot that farms 5x faster than any other bots that are available from free to paid, you can make the cost of the jieguan in a week back just off loot. 

Sign up for d2r bots

 Choose your bot options, lite, lifetime, bundle, and please note first hwid reset is free any after that is cost $10 to switch pc’s.

Well they seem to not mind letting users discuss our bots on their d2r forum such as sharing our videos. We will take this as a compliment!

You can choose between monthly or one time fee sign up options.